ARTelier C



Carbon is the raw material that lies at the origin of our lighting universe. No other chemical element forms so many compounds – almost ten million. The best known are diamond, graphite and amorphous carbon. After years of research, Seba was the first person to transform carbon fibre into an artisan product using an industrial process.

PRÊT-À-PORTER - Exclusiveness with soul


Our PRÊT-À-PORTER collection creates poetic, atmospheric lighting effects in your home. Our philosophy of embracing traditional values produces a distinctive baroque design language.


The collection is ‘woven’ by hand, each item different and unique. Perfect harmony is achieved between the lightweight material and the envisaged silhouette, suggested by a few simple lines. A single fibre has a tensile strength of 1,500 kilograms, which means that the sculptured creations are incredibly strong yet light as a feather.


And the fact that the power supply is virtually invisible makes the whole design even more exclusive.


SUR MESURE - Exclusiveness that knows no bounds


The SUR MESURE collection is aimed at connoisseurs of design who want to be light years ahead. Our only limit is our imagination. And we’re not afraid to give it free rein.


Our brand of haute couture is a wholly unique interpretation of the classic chandelier, free from space limitations and seamlessly blending into the architectural context. Our lighting is designed to fit perfectly into the designated space within a building and is symmetrically and asymmetrically fashioned into one huge, suspended, geometric ensemble.

The effect is out of this world.

Which is why we named our products after constellations as unique as our lighting sculptures.


King of the Elements

An exclusive and sensational material and production process

Carbon, one of the few chemical elements known since antiquity, is non-metallic, extremely expensive and has a unique diversity of organic compounds, earning it the moniker ‘King of the Elements’. The isotope carbon-14 has a half-life of 5,730 years. Carbon fibre is made up of 24,000 fibres (24K) and in pre-cured form can be cut with scissors. It is made by a chemical process called pyrolysis – a well- kept secret that smacks of alchemy – in which, under very high pressure and at a temperature of 3000°C, precursor fibres (e.g. acrylic) are transformed into carbon fibre at almost the molecular level.


The secret artisan production process requires an ambient temperature of 26°C and involves mixing the carbon fibres with epoxy. They are then applied to a mould by hand and left to harden at 60°C for three days.


The carbon-fibre spheres produced can reach a height of 2 metres, making them extremely physically demanding to work with.


The world of haute couture lighting knows virtually no limits. The items created, which are always conceived as a single element, can range in size up to 20 metres.


One finished sphere may contain up to 400 metres of carbon fibre, while there may be as many as 160 spheres in one chandelier.